The “Last 4 Things”

Hey, Father Smith!

What the heck are the “4 Last Things”?  You mentioned them in last Sunday’s FT.  I’ve never heard of them before. Can you help me out?

Glad to do that. 

The “4 Last Things” are the great, unavoidable realities that every human being…Christian or non-Christian… must face at the end of life. The rich must face it.  The poor can’t avoid it.  Women, Men, and children will face the following “Last Things” of life:

DEATH   *   JUDGMENT   *   HEAVEN   *   or HELL

Advent is the Church season that helps us face these 4 realities.  Jesus Christ will come again at the End of Time.  His coming will bring about the last 3 things…Judgment, Heaven, and Hell.  Though many folks believe that Advent is simply about counting the days until Christmas, Christians use the 4 Weeks of Advent to focus on the 2nd Coming of Jesus, and whether or not we are prepared for His Coming.