Stained Glass!

Hey…Father Smith!

We have such beautiful stained-glass windows!  I noticed that there are long, tall ones below, and circular, smaller ones up high.  Is there a theme involved…or is it all random?  And…who paid for them, anyway?

Good questions! 

Taking the last one first:  at the foot of each of the lower windows there is a brass plaque which identifies who gave the money for the Window, and in whose honor or memory the Window was given.  Look closely (brass needs polishing) and you might see a name you recognize!

To your main Question:  Yes, there is a theme to both sets of stained-glass Windows at GSAC.  The circular windows at the top are the style called “Rose” windows.  If you begin with the rose window over the lectern (where the lay readers read), the series of Windows represent the Church’s Seasons (eg. Advent – wreath & candles; Christmas- Crib at Bethlehem).  See if you can name them all!  So, the theme of the high windows is the Life of Jesus Christ seen throughout our Year.  Q:  when is Christian “New Year’s” this year?

The lower, tall stain glass artwork style is called simply “window”.  Beginning with the window near the lectern, the depiction of Jesus With the Little Children (my favorite of them all) begins a series of themes concerning the people in Jesus’ life on earth.  Notice:  Mary & Gabriel; St. Paul (on the ground, off his ass); St. Mary Magdalene (at the Empty Tomb); St. Joseph (Jesus’ foster father, dreaming), and the three Apostles  (St. Peter, St. James, St. John) looking up at Jesus, transfigured high on a mountain top.  The theme of these windows?  The Saints in Jesus’ earthly life.

Notice:  there is one, large rose window you didn’t ask about.  It is our Church’s “namesake” Window.  Can you find it…and name it?  (Hint:  it’s close to the organ.)