Apostolic Sussession

  • From Left to Right
    • The Most Rev. Robert W. Duncan Retired – Anglican Church in North America
    • The Most Rev. Dr. Foley Beach – Anglican Church in North America
    • The Right Rev. Jack L. Iker – Diocese of Fort Worth
    • The Very Rev. Ryan Reed – Bishop Coadjutor Elect

Apostolic succession, in Christianity, the teaching that bishops represent a direct, uninterrupted line of continuity from the Apostles of Jesus Christ. According to this teaching, bishops possess certain special powers handed down to them from the Apostles; these consist primarily of the right to confirm church members, to ordain priests, to consecrate other bishops, and to rule over the clergy and church members in their diocese (an area made up of several congregations).

Why is the Apostolic Succession important?

As such, apostolic succession is a foundational doctrine of authority in the Catholic Church. … The bishop, of course, must be from an unbroken line of bishops stemming from the original apostles selected by Jesus Christ. Thus, apostolic succession is necessary for the valid celebration of the sacraments.