Saturday Signal: April 25th >>> Connection for tomorrow’s Mass

Dear Good Shepherd Parish Family,
Greetings to you, dear brothers and sisters
Well, we’ve got yet another week of “social distancing” and waiting for our Governor to open up the State of Texas.  No doubt about it, the virtue of Patience is being developed in us during these “Covid Days”!!
So:  we will, once again, be sharing the Sunday Mass via a pre-recording of Easter 3 done earlier this afternoon (Saturday, 4/25).  
Here is the link to tune in tomorrow to our YouTube location:

Pre-recorded Service for the Third Sunday of Easter

Bishop Reed will be discussing with the clergy the diocesan direction for when and how we can go “live”.  This will take place in a “Zoom” session early next week.  As soon as I have had that conversation, I can communicate with you about Sunday, May 3rd.  Stay tuned!

GSAC has two main ways of helping the hungry and needy of our community:  the Shepherd’s Pantry , and the Benevolence Fund.  Each of them could use your immediate support.
Several of you have graciously sent in separate checks marked “Shepherd’s Pantry”.  Thank You!!  This has enabled me to keep the pantry stocked throughout the week.  Others of you have dropped off significant food stuffs to directly stock the pantry.  Thank you…too!  If you have not yet  contributed by check or by food donations, please consider doing that.  It would be greatly appreciated by those who are using the pantry weekly now.
Our Benevolence Fund enables me to directly help folk who have need of emergency assistance.  The “well has run dry” on that fund, so I could really use your donations to the Benevolence work of GSAC.  Simply write the check payable to “GSAC” with a memo line that says “Benevolence Fund”.  And, I thank you!
Next Friday, I hope to be giving you news of soon-coming “live, in the Church building” Mass on Sundays.   Keep this nation and the Church in your daily prayers.
This comes with my love and prayers for you.

Fr. Stuart Smith