Kat Bowman

In 1990 I married my second husband, Mark who was a cradle Episcopalian from Wichita, Kansas. I became confirmed at St. John’s that same year, and we made that our church home. Shortly after joining the Episcopal Church I became a volunteer in the office and learned most aspects of being a Church Office Administrator from a wonderful mentor and friend. Judy Nelson, taught me how to be involved in the office while at the same time be an active member of the church membership. After my training I was invited to become Church Office Administrator for the Church of the Brethren, while still volunteering at St. John’s. A few years later, I had the opportunity to be the volunteer coordinator for the United Methodist Urban Ministry, the local food bank of Wichita. During all of this, I felt the call to become a missionary, and through the National Church, Mark and I, along with our youngest son, Travis moved to Uganda, East Africa from 1998-2001 where I became the international communications director for the Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, Anglican. While in Uganda, we experienced the division of the Episcopal Church from afar. As the international communications director, I had first hand experience of what that division entailed throughout the Anglican Communion, especially in Africa. When we returned to the United States our family floated around the Christian Community because the church we had left, left us. So, when we found Good Shepherd Anglican Church here in Granbury, it was a sign from God, that we had found our new home. We actually found our home church, before we found our residence and feel blessed each and every day that we are here. It is my prayer, that with God’s guidance my experience will be an asset to Good Shepherd, and each and every one of you, its members.