Friday Fanfare – 12/6/19

Dear GSAC family,What a beautifully mild Friday we are enjoying here in North Texas!Let no one say, “We had no autumn this year”…because it’s happening right now!  Thank God for Texas autumns…in December!!Let’s move on to Advent and beyond!!

(A) TOMORROW’S VIBRANT QUIET DAY:  8 A.M. TO NOONTomorrow at 8 a.m., we will begin four hours of meditations and holy silence in the Main Church.  Fr.  Kenneth MacKenzie- a dear friend of mine- is once again conducting this Advent Quiet morning.  I am so impressed by the vibrant possibilities of this time of quietness, that I have directed our Confirmation Class of Candidates and Sponsors to gather with me at 10:30 a.m. to get prepared for spending the final hour of the quiet morning together in the Main Church.  If YOU have never experienced “holy silence” (which is so much more than the absence of noise!), I beseech you to give this ‘gift’ to yourself in Advent.  (Remember, as well, that the priests present are available for either Spiritual Direction or sacramental Confession throughout the 4 hours.)  As Andrew said to Peter, “Come & See!”
(B) JOHN THE BAPTIST IS VISITING THESE TWO SUNDAYSThe second and third Sundays of Advent bring John the Baptizer right into our midst.  His life and teaching reverberate down through the centuries since he first proclaimed, in the desert, the coming of the Kingdom of God.  His message of repentance is seldom heard correctly…and even less often obeyed!!  Come and hear the sweet, good news that is wound up in the bitter confrontation of John’s cry in the Wilderness.  Though “repent” may sting, it brings with it the healing properties of Truth and Mercy.  Good medicine for us sophisticated sinners, eh?!
(C) THE COURT CASE…UPDATEDYesterday, the Texas Supreme Court heard our objection to the lower, appellate Court’s decision in favor of the TEC Diocese.  The Diocesan web page ( carries a link to the recorded live-streaming of the entire 45 minutes of the hearing.  So, if you are interested, surf on over and see/hear for yourself.  My initial reaction was that our attorney- Mr. Scott Brister- did a superb job of making our case.  But, one never knows what a Court will decide.  The Supreme Court is likely (but not required) to make a decision by June of 2020.  This 10 year walking nightmare must end…it would seem.  Pray that God’s Justice will prevail.

May God bless each and every one of you as we pray through this Holy Season of Advent.  Don’t let the merchandisers rob you of your peace and serenity in Christ.  “Be still, and know that I am God”- the Psalmist reports from the LORD. To which I can only add:  AMEN!Love in Christ,Fr. Stuart Smith